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5 Reasons Why to Start Yoga Now!

5 Reasons Why to Start Yoga Now!


Yoga is everywhere. In social media like Facebook or Instagram, feeds are all about showing off yoga stuffs and styles,  describing how this helped them improve their health and whole being in many ways. Even athletes are leaving testimonies of how yoga improved their training, lifestyle and health condition. But as for those who are still in doubt if they’ll try yoga, the usual question  is, “Is yoga really that good that people sought after it, make time for it, and giving effort for it? Well, the answer is a big YES! And here are five reasons why you should start it now…

It’s a Work-in, Work-out Process

While you train the outside body by doing different kinds of poses with different levels of difficulty, your inner body like your muscles adjust and increases strength. Unlike any other exercises, you won’t be needing weights and sweats to work your body out. The working balance of yoga in the inside and the outside body helps in stabilizing both your mind and muscles.

It Teaches Self – Awareness

During yoga class, there are a lot of poses which require a hold of action or breathing. In this process, you can feel your body’s unstability. You could feel where tension is increasing, uncomfortable and uneasy point and weakness of your body. Because of this,  you become more aware of your body and this transfers to the whole being and this brings release of strain and ease in the whole being.

 Improves and Corrects Posture

Proper posture is what most people don’t have and some doesn’t know the importance of this. Practicing yoga could help in improving misaligned posture which most people suffer from. If you have proper posture, the blood flow of the body circulates well, bringing proper amount of oxygen throughout the body. Proper posture also increases self-confidence for everyday life wether at school or at work. The flexibility that the body undergo during yoga practice helps in improving the stability of both spine and the hips encouraging other muscles to straighten and maintain correct body posture.

 Helps with Breathing

Unlike times when you are feeling stressed, unstable and tensed, relaxation during yoga makes breathing easy and deeper that the oxygen that you breath travels deeper in the body, reaching every corner it has to. Our emotional and mental state then stabilizes following the reaction of your physical body. Your way of breathing also changes as your body adopt to the calmness. During yoga classes and because of proper breathing, you can adjust to whatever situation you may face especially during tough and stressful times.

 Meditation and Mindfulness

Yoga is a great introduction of meditation and mindfulness. Yoga practice promotes focus and calmness, the easy way. By freeing your mind and just focusing, all the tension and stress are being washed out creating a serene and calm mind. After yoga class, you could feel the ease and can face the world again feeling like a brand new you.

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