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How to Carry Your Yoga Activity Outside

How to Carry Your Yoga Activity Outside

Tired of the usual indoor yoga atmosphere? According to a renowned outdoor yoga instructor Eoin Finn, Yogis originally did yoga in scenic outdoor places. Many people could actually afford yoga classes. But trying to shift from indoor yoga where you pay fees for instructors and studio, to outdoor yoga where you can do it on your own, could lessen expenses while you can still indulge yourself to a relaxing yoga. Moreover, it could lead you to the true essence of yoga, which is bringing your mind, body and soul closer to nature. Finn also emphasized that doing yoga outside would help you interact with other forces unlike doing it in an enclosed studio with a limited environment.

Find a Shade

According to Finn, exposure to the sun’s heat while doing yoga may cause you too much sweating or worse, you may feel dreading since yoga is already a vigorous activity. Finding a shaded spot during yoga sessions would be a great idea. He also stressed out to do this early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid too much heat.

Look for a View

Environment nowadays are full of the tallest buildings and infrastructures which are not the recommended scenery when doing yoga outside. It is always important to have a natural view when you do yoga like green trees and flowers on the sight with the sound of birds, then let yourself fully connect to them.

Wobble the Mat

Another advantage of taking your yoga activity outside is there’s less gear to bring, like you don’t have to bring a mat with you because you can always have the grass as your natural mat. Finn said that grass feel great under the feet. The electrical forces of the ground also contributes in normalizing the body’s circuitry. He also added that the natural feeling when you lay or seat on the grass adds up to the relaxation and peace that yoga gives to the body and mind.

Tune in your Ipod

When you do yoga outside, you cannot avoid the noise from cars, kids playing and people passing by and it is important that you focus in what you do, so you need to keep yourself from the distractions of the surroundings. It is also a great way to isolate yourself and have privacy during yoga sessions when you have your tool to focus.

Pack a Sweatshirt

According to Finn, you will be needing a sweatshirt during yoga outside, but not because you have to wear it. In the end of your yoga, which is known as Savasana, he suggests to put the sleeves of the sweatshirt on the eyes to help block the sunlight and let you relax. Covering the eyes will let avoid from being conscious when relaxing after yoga.

Bring a Book

Pack and go habit during outdoor yoga is a big no, no says Finn. After the yoga session, reading a book is a great way to celebrate the fulfilling feeling of successfully finishing the yoga workout. You must also take advantage of the moment that you are on a beautiful place with a relaxing ambiance.


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