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How to Slow Down Aging with Yoga

How to Slow Down Aging with Yoga

Aging can’t be beaten by yoga with just one click. It can’t stop you from getting older. Looking fresher and feeling more flexible can be achieve with regular yoga. Prevention is the best medicine that one could invest in. That is why yoga is the greatest form of exercise there is. You use it so how could you lose it?

Here are five reasons why you should consider not only practicing yoga now, but continuing your practice as you age for optimal health.

How To Slow Down Aging With Yoga

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1. Improves Balance and Posture – The ability to balance involve both our body and our brain, if not practiced well, one or both will begin to diminish. Many yoga poses require ‘lengthening’ and posing deeper – this focus of standing taller and proper body alignment keeps your spine limber and your mind on your posture. Practicing yoga asanas also strengthens back muscles and releases tension in the shoulders. Both balance and posture are important to improve and maintain strength and agility and help you feel younger as you get older.

2. Improves Strength – Yoga builds strength slowly and safely. Strong muscles increase our protection from the conditions of aging and increase bone density. Yoga poses like Downward Dog, Cobra and Plank can dramatically reduce the chance of fractures as you age. They challenge shoulders, biceps, triceps and major leg and glute muscles which improves strength as well as bone density. Using our muscles to increase and maintain our strenght is the only way to slow down aging aside from helthy diet. With regular yoga classes, you will see an improved definition and strength which will slow down and even reverse aging problems.

3. Improves Flexibility – A lot of misconceptions saying that increased aches, pains and stiffness come with age. Some think that yoga is only for people who are flexible, but they could be wrong. Yoga creates flexibility. Practicing yoga asanas also strengthens back muscles and releases tension in the shoulders. Creating space between the vertebrae with a regular yoga practice helps lengthen the spine, improving nerve conduction to all the organs. Regular yoga practice stretches muscles and joints in all areas of your body and increases strength and flexibility.

4. Relieve stress and calms the mind – As we age, you start regretting things is a meditative component to it. Some styles of yoga have more meditation than others, but all allow time for quiet, to connect the mind and the body, to focus on breathing. Improving our ability to take in more air increases energy to all of our cells and helps us “get up and go” as we age. Relieving stress can be done with intense exercise or regular more meditative yoga. Both will result in many health benefits and slowing the aging process as they build strength is part of it.

5. Improves Overall Health – It has been scientifically proven that regular exercise increases the level of somatotropin (growth hormone responsible for the growth of tissues such as skin and muscles) and androgen (hormone among everything responsible for heart health and the immune system) Being aware of your breath, increasing your lung capacity and proper breathing improves digestion and reduces blood pressure. Yoga teaches us to be more mindful so that we pay attention to warning signs. Yoga trains us to notice when we’re slouching, alerts us to the onset of stress, and lets us know when a much loved food is no longer serving our body.

Just keep practicing, make meditation an integral part of your daily routine and you’ll live a longer and healthier life.

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