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8 Reasons to Start Yoga Today!

8 Reasons to Start Yoga Today!

Yoga is great for relieving the physical symptoms of stress (even during an anxiety attack) and for introducing the idea of quieting the mind. Practicing the postures, breathing exercises and meditation makes you healthier in body, mind and spirit. Yoga lets you tune in, chill out, shape up — all at the same time.

8 Reasons To Start Yoga Today

Here are 8 Reasons to start yoga today!

1. Stressed Out – Yoga act as a gateway to removing stressful personal or workplace situations from peoples’ lives. Yoga helps to relieve stress. And in our fast-paced, challenging world, this is something everyone needs help with. Yoga trains both the mind and body. The physical aspect is challenging and can only be achieved if you focus. And that focus helps train your mind. And once you improve your focus, you’re better equipped to handle stress.

2. Too Much Sitting- Many people especially those who are sitting at their desk the whole day have issues with posture. Yoga will give you a healthier posture, and a good posture makes you look bold, tall, smart, and more confident. Many yoga exercises revolve around seated positions and a straight back accompanied with breathing exercises.

3. Your back hurts – Since back pain can be caused by so many different things, it’s important to see a doctor if you have chronic pain so that he or she can tell you if there are any kinds of movements you should avoid. Stretching a few times a week can prevent and even treat the pain you already have. There are also a lot of yoga exercises for back pain that you can do.

4. Lose Weight – Some may say that practicing yoga don’t burn that many calories, there are also anecdotal evidence from people who believe that yoga has played an important role in their weight loss. Moreover, it’s true that yoga helps in promoting a healthier lifestyle and improve dietary choices.

5. You have Arthritis – People with arthritis are advised to move their bodies and stay active, but they need forms of exercise that are low impact and gentle on the joints. You can find a class that caters to people with arthritis so you can be sure that your teacher is familiar with your condition.

6. You are Pregnant – There are so many reasons to do yoga during (and after) your pregnancy. With yoga, you prepare yourself for giving birth by opening your body and giving you techniques to cope with pain. Prenatal yoga classes offer a time to slow down and connect with your changing body.

7. Having a Hard Time to Sleep – Yoga has a few sequences of poses and movements that are intended to be done right before sleep. But even besides these poses, studies show that practicing some light physical exercises before bed helps us doze off faster and sleep.  Some people find a connection to the spiritual, but even if that’s not your cup of chai, your mood will be elevated and you will feel better.

8. Yoga is Very Easy and Everybody is Doing it – You can practice yoga on the carpet, sand, or grass–or wherever you are comfortable. You can even do this at home in your own time and register for a free classes. And yes, everybody do this. You can ask your family and friends to enjoy yoga together!

There is no need to delay. If you suffer from any issues like back pain, then do take your doctor’s advice regarding which poses you should avoid. Yoga is for everyone–no matter what ails you or how old you are.

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