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Meditation As An Ultimate Brain Workout

Meditation As An Ultimate Brain Workout

Learning to meditate can have a lot of benefits for our body which includes relaxation, energy, and perspective on your life. Health researchers take meditation seriously especially those who are interested in stress reduction and improving overall health.

People who suffer from anxiety, pain, depression, emotional problems, insomnia and stress are interested in meditation. Meditation is also the ultimate brain workout. Here’s how to get started.

Meditation As An Ultimate Brain Workout

1. Sit Comfortably

All you need to do is to spare your 20 minutes sitting comfortably. Find a place where you can relax and distress your mind from any disturbances. Some people find sitting on the edge of a cushion helps keep the back straight. But the most important thing is to sit with your back as straight as possible. The important thing is to sit comfortably and to practice meditation often. You can add in accessories whenever you want.

2. Set your time 

Often during meditation, your sense of timing is lost and that leads to the feeling that you have gone past the time you set for meditation. At times when you are meditating, you may secretly be looking for any excuse to get up and do something else. Having a timer is a big help. It helps to assure you that you have not meditated too long. You will probably look at a clock or your watch every 30 seconds If you do not have a timer. So set a timer and then forget about time.

3. Breathe

Think of breathing as how we can communicate with our bodies. If we breathe slowly, our bodies relax. Be aware of your breath during meditation. If your thoughts wander, just come back to breathing.

4. Bring Meditation Into Your Daily Life

Many of the skills learned in meditation can be applied during our daily life. You can easily access a peaceful state of mind simply by incorporating meditation into your everyday activities.Meditate when:

Take a two-minute breathing break several times during the day. Watch as your thoughts and ideas turn up at work, in conversation, or while you are solving a problem. Use the same experimental mindset and watch how you behave and think throughout the day.

  • waiting in line
  • doing the dishes
  • feeling upset

5. Repeat Daily

Set a daily time for meditation and stick to it. Your brain will benefit from the endlessly fascinating journey into your own mind. Your body will benefit from the deep relaxation and stress reduction.

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