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How to Focus Your Meditation Practice

How to Focus Your Meditation Practice

A lot of people find focused meditation easier compared to the traditional practice for stress relief. The reason behind this is that focused meditation allows you to focus your attention on an object sound or other stimulus rather than achieving a clear mind. This kind of meditation is something that everyone can do at home without a yoga teacher. All you need is just a few minutes of time and a quiet place.

How to Get Started With a Focused Meditation Practice

Practicing a focused meditation is very easy. If you’re determined and stick with it you will definitely experience its calming benefits to your mind and body.

Start with a five-minute sessions and work your way to 30 minute sessions as you become more comfortable. You will need to find a place where you can quietly meditate.

1. Choose a target for your focus. The smell of incense, or a pleasing picture are all popular choices.

2. Be in a comfortable position. You should relax your body. Breathe from your belly and loosen your shoulders. Be comfortable with your position as long as you can fully relax without falling asleep.

3. Calm your Inner voice. Clear your mind from stressful situations. Don’t worry about the future or anything else and gently turn your attention to your chosen target and the sensation it provides.

4. Don’t think about failure. If you realize that you’re not being fully present with the sensations of your chosen target. Simply congratulate yourself for noticing and return back to the present moment and the sensations it has to offer.

Tips for Focused Meditation

1. Give it time. As we know meditation often takes practice. You may create more stress for yourself if you’re expecting to do it perfectly. Instead of relief more stress will happen.

2. Start with shorter sessions. For beginners five minutes is perfect. All you have to do is to work your way up to longer sessions of around 30 minutes. The easier and effective it will become with more practice.

3. Explore another meditation practice. If the experience is frustrating for you and you don’t really want to continue, you may find more success with other types of meditation.

4. Choose the best time. A morning meditation practice can do wonders for keeping you calm and reminding you to be mindful throughout the day and reducing the stress you may feel.

With focused meditation, you can choose to focus on almost anything that involves the senses.

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