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YOGA equals LIFE

About Steve

Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., I came to my yoga mat thirteen years ago to improve my volleyball game. Very soon after I started my practice I discovered that it provided way more than a better jump serve. The overall feelings of physical vitality, emotional equanimity, and mental clarity were astounding! I knew then that I had to make yoga a big part of my life. I have always been drawn towards personal development. Even as a child, after seeing an infomercial, I begged my mom for Anthony Robbins’ “Personal Power” program and was excited to learn how to tap into my strength. I was equally excited after my first yoga class. I knew I had discovered what remains the greatest tools in my journey toward personal growth. Yoga and meditation help me move towards living at my full potential and it is my belief that it can do the same for everyone. My intention in teaching is to encourage students to discover their personal greatness; we’re powerful beyond belief and yoga has a way of helping us remember that. The classes I lead are physically powerful, yet introspective and meditative. I encourage students to listen to their inner intelligence and to honor themselves.